Welcome to Skills4Work

Welcome to the first blog for our Skills4work project.  Although the group has been active doing various projects with the people of South Leeds for the last year or so, we are on a current hold with our latest ESF / Groundwork funded project due to the COVID-19 lockdown and temporary closure of our base at Cranmore Community Centre. 
We did look at trying to carry on using online facilities such as Zoom, but it did not really come to fruition due to the mostly practical work we were doing and the difficulty of trying to get people onto the web with the correct equipment.
However, we are hoping that the site will be open sometime this month (June) and we can restart, putting back together the existing groups of participants.
However, in he mean time, we are going to try something new, although it has been on the cards for some time....short videos on some of the practical aspects which we do. Current ideas are: How to drill and screw into wood, how to check the basic checks on a car, how…